1. I used to think life was just about winning, but winning feels the best after suffering defeat.

  2. Every time I feel like I’m not going anywhere in life I take a look back and remind myself how far I’ve already climbed.

  3. Always misunderstood, but never forgotten.

  4. Mirror Image

    Looking at the mirror at an image I don’t want to see
    It’s hard for me to leave this box of comfort I live in confidently

    I throw my picture at the glass asking have you seen this guy around
    I heard he’s lost and now he’s trying to be found

    Riding this song into the world of wonderland
    Riding the sound of the quick click and boom from my hand


  5. He asked the stars last night.
    “Why do you always shine?”

    None replied

    Because they never shine forever.

    And in the morning he stopped glowing.


  6. Downwords


    Four letters a word. A single word.
    An expression so powerful. So violent. Like thunder against the night sky ripping apart the clouds stuffed full of emotion.

    So sudden
    But always expected.

    Pouring out wave after wave of violence battering the roof you call your burden of sanity until finally. It collapses and crawls into your skin.

    So heavy,
    But always heavier.

    The ground soaking it up. Like snake venom, thickening your blood and your heart. Feels as if your very soul has turned into iron snakes. Constricting.

    So tight,
    But always tighter

    Return to the dirt foul beast.
    Buried deep and protected by white fire between the gates of heaven and hell.

    Hate or Love.
    But always both.


    [Been sitting on this one for a while. Finding the right words were hard and I wasn’t very satisfied with it. Still not very satisfied… but I think I’ll just let this one go for now and come back to it for editing because i really like its message. Hope you guys like this one.]

  7. Fight or Flight

    Here we gather as one great being of purpose

    A journey towards destination

    Oh great trojan war bird infiltrating the skies

    Not our territory

    Each separate soul upon a war machine or a peace offering

    Which is which I could not know

    A man’s expression will not betray his heart under watchful gaze of strangers

  8. Looking Glass

    An unreal world that only exists in light
    Shedding its satanic skin. Drenched in fear, and sweating guts into a cresent sink.
    Emotions lit up crimson red
    Fractals, the beauty of nature striking heaven painted walls pooling onto hard tiles of thought and marble hearts.
    Never finding shielded passage from the mind.
    The wild colt rides through the glass.
    Always straight and always true
    Always towards you.


  9. There is no more fear. The roots of fear are unknowing which branch to travel. Which and why each exists and which will bloom into fruits beneficial to your will and morals. Or will you travel to the very tip of the weakest stem unable to bear the weight of your sins.

    There is no more fear. Any color scheme I choose will eventually blend together from the lightest hues into the blackest of blacks. No use for my visions here. No use for imagination. No use for fear.

  10. Afraid to look. Afraid to peek. A glance a chance and a glimmer. Of stars shining and I make my wish into the pit where all wishes fall through never to be seen again by mortal eyes. And there my faith dies along with my visions of gold and silver and bronze. The split path crossed at the same time. One mind and heart seperated into two beings both spectral, almost godlike. An immortal death. The opening of Pandoras box unleashing the most serene and beautiful storm ever to behold your eyes. Calm but always constant, the undying will and music from Newton’s Cradle. The rage of lady moon as she coaxes the waves upon the shore. This inconsequential task, a relieving sight to behold.